90% US Gold Coins

Pre-1933 Gold Coins: A Bridge Between Bullion and Rare Coins

Vintage gold coins minted before the 1933 Gold Recall Act are revered for their historical significance. These coins, nearly 22k gold, held 90% gold and 10% copper. The gold weight varied by denomination; for instance, a gold double eagle contained twice the gold of a gold eagle, continuing down the denominations.

Denomination Gold Weight Gold Dollar 0.04837 oz Gold Quarter Eagle 0.12094 oz Gold $3 Coin 0.14512 oz Gold Half Eagle 0.24187 oz Gold Eagle 0.48375 oz Gold Double Eagle 0.9675 oz

US Gold Coinage History: Spanning 138 years, the US Mint issued six denominations across multiple types and varieties. Coins like the dollar gold Indian designs and the Saint Gaudens $20 Double Eagles hold historical significance. Designs evolved, reflecting American history, from draped busts to iconic Indian and Liberty Head designs.

Denominations and Designs:

  • $2.5 Capped, Classic, Liberty, Indian: Ranging from draped busts to Indian Princess designs.
  • $3 Indian Princess: A unique piece with limited circulation and a distinctive Indian Princess depiction.
  • $5 Capped, Classic, Liberty, Indian: Diverse designs from draped busts to Indian Head motifs.
  • $10 Capped, Liberty, Indian: A series reflecting America‚Äôs early coinage history.
  • $20 Liberty, Saint Gaudens: The $20 Liberty design and the acclaimed Saint Gaudens design, adored for its beauty.

Gold Recall Act: During the Great Depression, Executive Order 6102 was enacted in 1933, compelling citizens to surrender gold to boost the economy. Individuals were given 25 days to turn in their gold; failing to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. Exceptions were made for gold coins under $100 and rare collector coins, preserving them from confiscation and melting.

The Pre-1933 Gold Coins represent a unique intersection between precious metal investment and historical significance, shaped by the events of the Great Depression and the government’s response to the economic crisis.