Austrian Philharmonic Gold

Gold Philharmonic Series

The Austrian Mint initiated the Gold Philharmonic series in 1989 to pay homage to the revered Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, established in 1842 and hailed as the world’s premier orchestra. Apart from rigorous auditions drawing the finest musicians in Austria, the orchestra stands out for its unique instrumentation, crafting a distinctive, resonant sound that captivates music enthusiasts globally. Despite featuring the same design annually, the Philharmonic’s consistent design hasn’t hindered its popularity or collectibility, akin to coins like the Gold Eagle or Maple Leaf.

The 2023 Austrian Gold Philharmonic marks the first bullion coin in Europe with a face value in Euros, proudly guaranteed by the Austrian Mint as .9999 pure gold. Although considered brilliant uncirculated, it boasts a shine reminiscent of proof coins. Rather than depicting a country’s leader in a typical picturesque manner, the Philharmonic’s obverse portrays something deeply significant to Austria. Designed by Austrian artist Thomas Pesendorfer, it showcases the famous pipe organ housed in the grand hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs. This side also features inscriptions of the Republic of Austria and the coin’s weight of one ounce of pure gold.

On the reverse, a collection of instruments utilized by the esteemed orchestra, such as the french horn, harp, violin, flute, and bassoon, takes center stage. The design is complemented by the inscription “Vienna Philharmonic” in an elegant gothic font. Acquiring a coin from the Philharmonic series offers a tribute to the prestigious legacy of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a prized addition to any gold coin collection.