One Ounce Gold Bars

One Ounce Gold Bars: A Popular Choice

One-ounce gold bars rank among the most sought-after weights for gold bars, appealing to many investors.

Minted Ingots: The Refined Choice

All our One Ounce Gold Bars are minted ingots, a process involving a sophisticated method. Large cast bars undergo precision cutting through a digitally controlled stamping press, resulting in precisely sized bars with smooth surfaces and defined edges. These minted ingots are meticulously sealed in protective packaging along with an assay card detailing their purity, weight, and metal content.

Types of One Ounce Gold Bars

Random Manufacturer: This option guarantees .9999 pure gold without the high premium. Our inventory-based selection offers cost benefits over market prices, although the packaging and assay card attachment may vary.

Pamp Suisse: Known for their visually stunning minted ingots, Pamp Suisse provides sealed packaging with included assay cards. Their iconic Lady Fortuna design is a hallmark of their offerings.

Perth Mint: Displaying the Australian outback and wildlife, Perth Mint gold bars feature a swan on the front and kangaroos on the back. Tamper-proof packaging and assay cards accompany these bars, known for their sharp edges.

Royal Canadian Mint: A sovereign mint producing gold bullion bars with .99999 purity across their entire bullion line, drawing investors due to their exceptional purity standards.

Credit Suisse: A renowned name among gold investors, Credit Suisse stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed precious metals refineries globally.